Amanah is an organization which aims to create a trusting society, while working to counter discrimination. We believe that a deepening of identity and roots are key elements towards reaching this goal.

Amanah has a focus on countering antisemitism and islamophobia, and works with all levels of society – from schools and universities to communities and official representatives.  

Amanah is a non-political organization, in which we believe that our vision and goals can bring us all together beyond differences of opinion and perspective. 

Amanahs work is founded upon respect and trust, as well as knowledge.  

Our Vision

AMANAH envisions a society which is based on trust, in which each individual and community is accepted and appreciated for what they can contribute to the society. We strongly believe that the religion and traditions that we come from, form an important part of our identity, and serve to strengthen the society which we are a part of.


AMANAH is based on the personal relationship and dialogue that was established between Imam Salahuddin Barakat and Rabbi Moshe David HaCohen. Despite the vast differences between them, the imam and the rabbi have found a common goal and vision which brings them and their communities together.


AMANAH on the one hand is a grassroot organization, working from the ground up to make change. On the other hand, it is an official collaboration between the Jewish Community of Malmö, who is represented by the rabbi and the Malmö Muslim Network, which the imam represents.

In the jewish tradition

The word Amanah literally means a covenant or trustworthy pact (Nehemia 10:1). The root of the word is connected to both trust (Emun) and faith (Emunah) from which the term Amen derives. As each person is created in God’s image, it thereby sets a deep connection between our belief in God and our trust in His creatures, beyond all other differences.

In the islamic tradition

Amânah is a key concept in islam meaning trust and trustability but is also related to the word for faith (îmân). In a very famous saying of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ it sais: “There is no true faith (îmân) in the one who is not trustable (amânah)”. 

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